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Come see monkey butts most famous moo baa black pig!!!

This is my fucking rad page and it is going to kick ass and i don't care if noone likes it because i hate, i just want to be a sad bastard and have my own website.....

This page will have links to cool band pages and skate shit and all crap like that, stuff i like. Well i am bored and this page writing shit is boring......

'i want to win the lottery and be a multi millionairre, and tell those bastard teachers to stick it up their big fat butts...'

i just want to say to look that you better post that damn page of soon, so i can post a link up on here....

i'm going to try and put as much half decent shit on here as possible but i am crap with computers so i probably wont find any.

if any one can be arsed to contact me go to the contact page or else go to melldope's page, you can contact me there too.

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i'll change the link and pic now and again....

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I am going to add new shit every time i get a faggoting chance to and i will put some links up if i knew how to do that...... well life sucks....

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